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KC is Karen Sharon Chartrand

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Financial Educator,Coach, Adviser, 

Specializes in Personal Financial DREAM MAPS!  (Where-to-Go) 

& Insurance Plans with retirement planning inc bonus plan and guaranteed resets so you can retire comfortably.

Why not start off right! 
Because you know me. I would like to offer everyone a free session In creating their Dream Maps. What are dream maps? It is knowing your Score our path the time it will take you to be in your sweet spot.  I wish you all Love, peace full of blessings. Sharon Chartrandis 
What would it look like if everything that stops you was out of your way? All the stories that stop you, all of the excuses, all of the thoughts, like "I don't have enough time" or "I'm not good enough" or "I don't have enough money". If all of these thoughts and more were cleared out of your way, what would you create? What would you do right now? 
All the Best - Sharon Chartrand
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With a variety of offerings to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be happy working with us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. We hope to see you again! 

A few of my latest courses 

Knowledge Bureau, Inc.Certificates Available, Karen Sharon Chartrand, completed study Financial Education, over 90 courses since 2013 – 06/01/2017

MGF0522 Charity Law and Taxes
MGF0523 Gift Plan Strategies
MGF0521 Why Philanthropy?
MGF0522 Charity Law and Taxes
MGF0523 Gift Plan Strategies
MGF0524 Gifts of Life Insurance
MGF0525 Intergrating Philanthropy into Your Practice
MGF0531 Taxation of Income from a Proprietorship
MGF0532 Transactions Involving Business Assets
MGF0533 Home-Based Businesses
MGF0534 Disposing of and Replacing a Business
MGF0513 Developing a Shared Vision
MGF0423 Snowbirds
MGF0412 Real Estate
MGF0413 Principal Residences

Activities and Societies: : Certificates are available for each course once you successfully completed. Course Course Title Status MGF0515 Advising Family Businesses MGF0535 Professionals and Partnerships MGF0512 Working in Alignment with your Family Business Clients MGF0514 Structuring Retirement Income MGF0511 Understanding the Family Business MGF0521 Why Philanthropy?

The Knowledge BureauKaren Sharon Chartrand study Financial Education, 98% average2014 – 2015

MGF0424 Foreign Property Ownership
MGF0425 US Citizens in Canada
MGF0431 Planning for Post Retirement Incapacity
MGF0432 At Death and Beyond
MGF0433 Planning for Survivors
MGF0411 Tax Efficient Asset Transfers: Managing ACBs
MGF0435 Strategic Philanthropy
MGF0434 Business Owners and Executives

Activities and Societies: : MGF0414 Tax Efficient Debt Management MGF0415 Risk Management MGF0421 Residency MGF0422 Immigration and Emigration

Hello Karen Sharon Chartrand, welcome back

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Financial Representative Financial Educator January 2010 – Present (6 years)Abbotsoford, BC

As a financial advisor my goal is to draw a Dream map for my clients and build their portfolio so they can achieve their dreams.

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Life Insurance 01 Jun 2016

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